I was at work yesterday when I learned of the terror that has ensued in Paris.image

My heart has been heavy with sadness for a country that prides itself for it’s ability think extistentially, for humans that have been hurt or have been lost and for families and country people that have had their world shook to the very core.

This is not a time to bash those around us. It’s a time to embrace each other and act with with pure, divine love.

I have read a fair bit this morning. People hating celebrities for not pledging support for France quick enough, (yes, this actually happened. Somene wrote something utterly ridiculous on Lady Gaga’s instagram account berrating her for not reacting quick enough with her sympathy. Big picture people.) thoughts and prayers from every human on Earth sent to Parisian natives on this traumatic and devastating day. I’m girding my loins for what is going to come next – people laying on the blame…


I have never understood how we can call ourselves humans, or even Christians (a title that I DO NOT identify with – due to the hate that ensues in the name of Christianity. I would much rather be referred to as a Humanist.) However, now is not the time to label bash. Now is the time to, despite differences of opinion, support humans, love and pray that no more innocents suffer from the abhorrent acts of a few select individuals.

I am so sad for the world today. I am sad for France and it’s people.

“Tout l’amour dans mon coeur est avec vous, Paris”


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